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A Scanned Copy of the very rare Take Ivy by T.Hayashida,. Take Ivy Book. Preview. Take Ivy. PDF. PDF Dump. Take Ivy. TeAHSig. The previous two books had been less than successful. 14-Dec-2007 - Pdfdrive:hope Give books away. Get books you want. Editor's Picks. Most Popular. Take Ivy TeAHSig. ReadFor free. Find books by libraries or the media community.Project Summary: This is a revised competing renewal application that builds on the progress achieved during the first five years of the project. The proposed research includes two main components. The first is the evaluation of three dimensional-shape analysis (3DSA) methods, by using a phantom that simulates a clinical scanning situation, as well as clinical 3DSA of human tissues. The second component is the evaluation of a novel method for morphological analysis that utilizes statistical shape analysis (SSA). The purpose of this research is to develop, test, and evaluate a clinically feasible, accurate, and affordable automated method of measuring the morphological characteristics of tumors. These novel morphological characteristics will be a combination of shape and texture features in order to provide more comprehensive characterization of the tumor. The rationale for combining shape and texture features is based on recent studies demonstrating that tumors with certain shape characteristics, as well as the tumors' microstructure, affect how well a tumor can be detected. The ability of 3DSA to analyze shape and texture features (3D-SSA) of tumors will be evaluated in the phantom study and in the clinical study. A comparative analysis will be performed between the accuracy of the 3DSA and the 3D-SSA in measuring the morphological characteristics of tumors. The comparative analysis will evaluate the correlation between the shape and texture features of tumors in the two methods. The tumor samples will be imaged with MRI and the images will be classified into malignant and benign categories in the clinical study. The CT images in the clinical study will be segmented and the manual and 3D-SSA results will be compared with the manual results. These comparisons will be carried out to evaluate the accuracy and efficiency of the proposed methods. If successful, this research will allow for rapid and non-invasive evaluation of the morphological characteristics of tumors and can be used in treatment planning to monitor changes in a patient's tumor over time. Relevance: The proposed research is very relevant to public health. It will provide new be359ba680

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